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Great fun...

...and well done!


Superbe initiative

Really good endeed, very funny

I love it

Awesome Animation app

Very useful. I need layers, quick sketch, duplicate layer tool, onion skin and easy work with frames in order to animate, do some studying and keep some animation ideas in quick storyboards - this apps able to provide me that :)



Enjoyable ...

... and easy to use Even in that smalltalk screen.

Animation to go


Love it

First app that really deserves the 5stars!

Awesome app!

Best app on my iPod, but there is a big bug, sometimes when you try to delete an audio file the app crashes. Even when you restart your iPod. Please fix!


How can you make your own cartoon if you want I dont get it


OMG I LOVE THIS APP. I spend so much time having fun making tons of animations. It takes forever to make one 20 secs long, and I love that. I love how theres so many brushstroke options and colours and all that. AMAZING.

My Favourite App

Im an app junky, I have tried well over 100 apps, this one is my favourite so far!!!

Good good

Wish it could do more but its good for on the go

Please fix

Please fix the bug that when you try to delete an audio clip, the app crashes!

This is very good!

This app is very useful, I use it a lot.

Great app

Amazing app, easy to use and easy to learn


I love it. I feel like a real animator now.


Needs sound fx and lots of it :D


I love making little videos with stick people doing sports endlessly great game

Great app

I really do recommend buying this app, great for a growing animator like myself

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